Epic V5 Surf Skis

Epic V5 Surf Skis

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The Epic V5 is available in two lightweight composite layups, the Ultra and Performance, as well as the extremely durable Rotomolded layup which is proving a huge hit in the paddling community.

This ski gives you excellent stability and allows beginners to jump on and paddle with confidence and gives the more experienced paddlers a short, stable surfski to use in waves and extra rough conditions. Sleek lines and Epic’s comfortable surfski cockpit make the V5 perfect to learn downwind paddling.

The V5 composite is lighter in weight and is even easier to carry to and from the water and unload from your roof of your car.

The V5 comes standard with under hull rudder, adjustable foot brace (including pedals that automatically adjust line length), rear storage compartment, bow and stern handles, center carry handles, water bottle holder and Epic’s patented bailer. An optional stern kick up rudder can be added to the Rotomolded version with no modifications needed to allow the V5 to be paddled in shallow or rocky areas.